Graduation Speech : College Basketball Essay

Graduation Speech : College Basketball Essay

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Since before I was even 1 year old, because before I was even one years old, I had a basketball in my hands. Im surprised it wasn 't my first word. it was my dads pray to be able to have a son who would have the opportunity to play college basketball and I am his answered prayer. since i was born basketball was the only sport I wanted to play. from elementary to middle school to high school thats all I played. Now i am playing basketball for Moravian Prep in Hudson North Carolina and I can smell the college basketball opportunity its so close. I owe it all to God. the path has not been as easy at it may seem or as you would imagine. God used each event to shape me into the young man i am today.
My 8th grade year in middle school I attended FairPlay middle. I was the starting point guard, co captain averaged 10 points a game 3 assist and 2 steals. I was very confident about playing high school basketball for Alexander High school. that summer, summer of 2010 my dad lost his job and I was cut from a team I didn 't even try out for. my dad and i had talked to the head coach at I would have gone to about playing there the next school year. He told us him and his staff will make a stop at all the local middle schools to talk to any players interested about playing basketball and their program. a few weeks later the coaching staff hand pick the top players from the local middle school teams to come play summer ball with the high school program. i wasn 't picked. he never showed up to my school. I didn 't know what to think. my confidence dropped. I didn 't know what would happen next. I felt rejected, but really I was being set up for something better. God had a plan. Later that summer my dad received a phone call about a job in the ...

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... we ended the season 15-7 losing to a top ranked team in the district semi final game. ultimately I was happy with the season for i felt i was playing with the best group of guys in the state, but i didn 't know if I was gonna continue to play the very sport I love. I had no offers from any college universities. I believe God used that season to humble me for he had something greater in store. I soon receive word from Coach ellis of Moravian Prep expressing his interest in having me play for him this upcoming season. i had no clue what prep school was but it in fact granted me another year to play basketball at a high level in hoops of earning a scholarship the next season. The lord showed me that in the times where we feel rejected by man, is really God trying to tell us he has something better in store. that lesson right there is what helped me grow as a young man.

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