Essay Graduation Speech : College Activities Fair

Essay Graduation Speech : College Activities Fair

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The college activities fair. Posters, paperwork, pens, candy, and enthusiastic representatives as far as the eye can see. This event has become the staple scene in movies where the freshman awkwardly searches for an extracurricular activity that may fit their personality and abilities. However, other than dramatically emphasizing the somewhat inaccurate chess club and football team rivalry, these scenes do little to describe how these activities describe the makeup of the college campus itself. More importantly, the importance of involvement in extracurricular activities and their ability to maintain God’s intentions for community are often lost in presentation. An extracurricular activity can be anything not in the regular class schedule, ranging from history club to varsity soccer. Even though such activities may not require a bible study does not mean that engaged participation cannot yield several, possibly overlooked, communal benefits. It is crucial to the college campus experience for colleges and universities to encourage participation in extracurricular activities because it limits the negative effects harmful substance abuse, increases minorities sense of belonging to their college community, and promotes employability.
Aside from the classic activities fair, an almost inherent trait of colleges and universities is the often abusive use of drugs and alcohol. Through participation in extracurricular activities, a student will protect themselves and their friends from these substances, and thus contribute to preserving the integrity of God’s meaning for a healthy educational community. In a 2013 survey provided by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, it was found that over a third of all college students reported binge ...

... middle of paper ... activities and experiences along with their already prestigious academic and research focuses. By doing this, they will be enabling students to transform their community on campus and beyond by limiting the harmful effects of substance abuse, increasing the sense of belonging felt by campus minorities, and developing transferable skills between the campus and the professional world. The Lord intended for students to not abuse substances, to embrace minorities, and to use their hands and skills in work. God’s aim and plan for the world can be condensed into “community” (Grenz 112). Academia and research are essential elements of any college campus, however extracurricular activities can act as a bridge from student to student, student to faculty, and student to world. Extracurricular activities stabilize the complex, diverse communal web that is the college campus.

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