Essay about Graduation Speech : An Introductory Chemistry Course

Essay about Graduation Speech : An Introductory Chemistry Course

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When I arrived at Yale during the fall of 2009 for my freshman year, I started my undergraduate career wanting to practice medicine. Also, I wanted to receive a well-rounded education in an array of subjects. To this day, the education I received at Yale inspires me to delve deeper into pressing issues within our society and utilize the information that comes from a diverse knowledge capital to create strategies and make informed decisions.
The first course I registered for at Yale was an introductory chemistry course called Quantitative Foundations of General Chemistry with professor Mark Johnson. There were three choices for freshman introductory chemistry, and the course was between a general chemistry course for students who had little experience of the subject and freshman organic chemistry for those who had extensive experience. Believing that my performance in AP Chemistry prepared me for the course, I decided to bypass the general chemistry course. Although I made it through the course, I overestimated my abilities. I didn’t take into the consideration that the rigor of the course would be unlike any previous course I took in high school. I had very few opportunities to develop resilience to academic rigor leading up to my freshman year, and my aptitude in chemistry as well as the sciences in general lacked in comparison to my classmates. As I reflected upon the lessons learned my first semester, I suffered another setback.
During the second semester of my freshman year, I broke my dominant wrist playing on the Yale Club Rugby Team. After surgery, I spend the remainder of the semester and the ensuing sophomore year rehabilitating my hand. Those three semesters were the toughest of my academic career. However, my circumst...

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...e intramurals process ran smoothly for the university.
Prior to Yale, it was hard for me to recognize when I needed help and ask for it. It is a flaw that I still deal with at times, but the courses I took outside of the pre-medical curriculum created an environment that brought out the best in me with trial and error. Building this foundation was my greatest accomplishment during my undergraduate career. I seriously considered returning to pursue the medical profession during my senior year. My public health research provided insight in the amalgamation of ideas toward solutions; however, the impact I want to make in the world is to utilize multidisciplinary aspects of health into practice. I knew about the tough path ahead of me towards developing my science skills within the pre-medical process, but my undergraduate experiences prepared me well for future growth.

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