Graduation Speech : A New School Essay

Graduation Speech : A New School Essay

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Again with having to repeat the process of going to a new school. I wake up at 6:15AM and get dressed for my new day at school. It was a mild cloudy day which represented my mood that day. My mom drove me to my new school in the same Black SUV and it wasn’t a public institution. Trinity Episcopal started at 7:50AM and I remember walking across the campus in a sunflower skirt with a white see-through shirt and underneath it was a white tank top while wearing Maroon Doc Martens boots. While walking, I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t belong here!” “I want to go home!” I had absolutely no idea where I should even go but I noticed that everyone was headed towards the auditorium. During this time, the teachers would give their announcements just like what we had at Freeman High School but rather it being through the intercom, it was projected in person. After the announcements were over, I received my schedule and went to my first class. On my way to class, I felt like everyone’s eyes were glued onto me and watching my every move; it was very nerve-racking. It was like one of those situations when you did something wrong or had to present something to a class and everyone is just staring at you; it was uncomfortable. I still didn’t know where I was going but I didn’t want to ask the students for directions because I knew I was capable of finding the building on my own. Every class that I had, my teachers made me introduce myself as I dreaded it. Eventually the lunch bell rang, I made my way to the basement of the administrative building. I hadn’t made any friends yet so I had lunch by myself in an empty classroom and called my friends, Christie and Emily. I sat there talking to them just thinking to myself that it was unfair and I...

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... assimilated. I began being difficult with my parents for four years. I’d pick up fights with them and do the complete opposite of what they told me to do. I became very uncooperative, I wanted to be miss independent and do my own thing. Years go by when I finished middle school and began going to Douglas Freeman High School. Because of one big incident I had my freshman year, my parents made one of the most unfair and unexpected decisions I have ever experienced.
It hit me that I was such a mean and uncooperative person and I didn’t want to be like that. I ended up my senior year at Trinity absolutely loving it to this day. Trinity has such an amazing and welcoming environment and a place with no flaws. This experience made me realize that at first I hated it there to completely loving it at the very end. I was finally able to establish roots here and call it home.

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