Graduation Speech : A Child Of Parents Essay

Graduation Speech : A Child Of Parents Essay

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As a child of parents both employed in the non-profit world, I have literally spent my entire life exposed to a volunteering way of life--helping others struggling in various way, dealing with minor tragedy, social injustice or simply the need to make life better in one way or another. Some of my earliest memories involve remodeling a house for the Wig Bank, helping set tables for fundraiser dinner parties, or selling raffle tickets. More recently, I have been the one donating my photography services to raise money for the free clinic, organizing a clothes drive for the Women’ Shelter, or simply writing my own check for a special cause.

In 2012, at age 15 I volunteered for Organizing for America--the grassroots campaign effort for the Obama campaign. I soon became the Organizing Fellow--a chief volunteer position that rewarded my leadership ability with much greater responsibilities including canvassing neighborhoods, working phone banks,, monitoring early voting stations, research and recording data, and training adults to do the same. I grew up quickly and learned about responsibility and hard work. I became a leader and I found my passion.

At first I thought my passion was politics but once the campaign was over...when I felt a void in my life, I knew I had more to do. During this time, my mother began working with The Shelter Home of Caldwell County-a safe home for victims of domestic abuse. Some days after school, I would go with my mother to volunteer in some way. I’m not quite sure what I was expecting, but i was shocked at what I experienced. There were children! I had niavely fogotten about the children.

On my first visit I witnessed some kids playing with toys and curled up on a couch watching cartoons, extremely h...

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... this project involves another of my passions--photography. I would love to photograph these mothers with their children in clothing or an environment they may not be accustomed to. I have noticed that most do not have many photographs of themselves--besides phone camera selfies that often help propitulate their harsh lifestyles. Imagine a nice photo of mom and child, all dressed up and posed. I Imagine this photo being something the child can look at and see a happy parent--can look at and see normalcy..

I know there are many hurdles to overcome and a program such as this is not without much policy and procedures--there is more to it than wishful thinking. But I am thrilled to be able to share a little of this with the scholarship committee of ASU. It is something I dream about quite often and I believe I have the leadership and passion to make it happen one day.

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