Essay about Graduation Day Is A Meaningful Day For Everyone

Essay about Graduation Day Is A Meaningful Day For Everyone

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Turning Tassel.
I believe that graduation day is a meaningful day for everyone, we all have different thoughts, diverse emotions, and we are all excited to think we have accomplished a short-term goal in our way to attain our long-term goals. I graduate from Palm Beach Lakes Community High School. It was one of the most awaited days of my life.
I was seated on my couch contemplating the contrast that makes a full-length portrait of a black woman with her afro hair, black eyes, and her white smile that showed her beauty; with the pale pink color of the living room wall. Thinking how fast I have grown. Comprehending that in a blink of an eye life passes without us even realizing, how much we have learnt from those school years. Suddenly, I heard a buzz from the front door which it makes me jump with fright and forget what I was thinking. I see my Grandmother dress in a shirt of white, grey and light purple flowers with a black trousers, with her hair totally white and a smile on her face handing me a letter she says “congratulations Mija, I am proud of you”, when she gives me the lett...

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