Essay on Graduates At High Quality Job Markets

Essay on Graduates At High Quality Job Markets

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KSU graduates compete in high-quality job markets. The area is a resource pool of highly skilled job candidates from other Universities nearby. The graduates from a top ranked university in the Atlanta offers the biggest threat for KSU graduates in the job market. The KSU graduates are facing increased competition when searching job, and KSU is facing difficulty in getting firms for campus recruitment and research partnerships or for internship opportunities. Dues to the lower ranking, potential students will apply at other universities. In addition, KSU has faced difficulties in the recruitment which complicates efforts to diversify faculty and staff. The local traffic patterns, flows, and congestion makes access to and egress from campus difficult during peak travel times.

Under the efforts to improve retention, progression, and graduation goals, they have set their expectations unrealistically high. This causes management and faculty to get stressed and eventually not meeting the goals. For one of their departments, University College, the faculty salaries are low in comparison to other colleges on campus, hence this reduces the morale of new hires or those who planning to join that department. The most important threat from their rival or a substitute (Georgia Tech University and Georgia State University) is that those universities are nearby and have better reputation than KSU. Also, those universities offer more market oriented programs, they get ore grants, and funds from external firms, from government and have a lot more external partnership and internship opportunities. KSU has fewer classrooms, laboratories, research facilities, offices, and meeting spaces than many peer institutions. More firms go to those Universitie...

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...ities to grow faster. They have fewer classrooms, laboratories, research facilities, offices, and meeting spaces than needed. The budget shortfalls have slowed repairs, reduced required services such as evening advising and counseling, limited strategic marketing, and curtailed other academic and academic support programs. Budget issues added more difficulties in resolving this weakness. Opportunities for on-campus student activities on weekends are limited.

Although some of their fund-raising efforts are successful, they have insufficient funds for scholarships, thereby reducing KSU’s ability to recruit the best students. Not all of KSU’s undergraduates are prepared to succeed in higher education. Bureaucratic constraints sometimes hamper KSU’s ability to function efficiently, and to respond agilely to emerging opportunities. The lack of awareness and understanding

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