Graduate School Application Essay Discussing Work Experiences and my Desire to Pursue an MSW

Graduate School Application Essay Discussing Work Experiences and my Desire to Pursue an MSW

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I have decided to pursue an MSW in clinical social work at the University of Calgary because I am interested in working with women who have been affected by domestic abuse. The idea of helping these women help themselves by increasing their own resilience is something that resonates with me on a personal level. I believe too often in our society women continue to be treated as victims, which perpetuates the ideology that women are weak. The paradox of abuse is it weakens one’s self-esteem, yet those women who seek to escape these situations have shown great strength. Not only have they been able to survive physical and psychological trauma, they have taken the important step of resisting the abuse and coming out of it alive. If more focus can be put on helping a woman see her own resilience, perhaps she will be better able to appreciate her own strengths and increase her chances of ending the cycle of abuse.
With the completion of an honours degree in psychology from Laurentian University, I have accumulated a solid knowledge base in numerous areas of the social sciences area and therefore have an appreciation for how fascinating the study of behaviour can be. Although my honours degree had finished I realized that although I still wanted to work as a helping professional and advocate for women’s rights, I wanted my future work to encompass the role society and culture plays in domestic violence as opposed to treating this issue as an individual issue. During my honours thesis, in which I studied how compliments and self-disclosure can increase likeability and helping behaviour I recognized my passion for research and my aspiration to implement further research. Although I do not plan on focusing this research topic during my ...

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...g skills, empathy and compassion are key components to this position. Although each case requires varying levels of assistance, the common theme of resilience has often emerged in my year of working as a counsellor with the Last Post Fund. Despite being in the early stages of grief, I have noticed that a large portion of the clients I work with focus on the positive.
After working at the Last Post Fund for seven months, a dream of traveling to Kenya became a reality. I took a three month leave of absence and spent three months living in Nairobi and Mombasa. During my time in Kenya, I had the opportunity to experience a vastly different culture first hand and as a result I am no longer naïve to what people who live in an impoverished area go through on a daily basis. It was disturbing to see the groups of people lying on the side of the road huffing industrial glue

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