Graduate Program For English Literature At Vanderbilt Essay

Graduate Program For English Literature At Vanderbilt Essay

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I would be incredibly honored to be admitted to the graduate program for English Literature at Vanderbilt because I’ve always had a passion for learning and teaching. I went into college with the idea that I needed to teach children overseas how to read and so for my first year of school I was unmovably focused on achieving that end; however, within a year’s time I would change my tune and set myself on a slightly different course.
I tested out of both the required freshman English courses, so my freshman year I decided to dip my fingers into as many different pots within the Humanities as I could, which is how I ended up taking Existential Literature. I was utterly enraptured by the teaching methodologies Dr. Bringle utilized, she was engaging, interpersonal yet simultaneously professional, and had an amazingly large vernacular. I wanted to be her. Dr. Bringle solidified in my mind that I was intrinsically driven or pulled to teach, but she also helped me realize that what I really desired was to teach college. The first day of class, her TA told the class that the course load was extremely rigorous and reading intensive, so half of them walked out. The vast majority of them returned the next class period and from that point on nobody ever complained about the work. I found this to be so perplexing because at the time I was so shocked that she could alter their minds in the time frame of less than two hours, but now I understand that that’s the power of a good educator.
When I changed my course and decided that I wanted to be a professor, I was told that I would have to attend graduate school. This of course seemed like a great opportunity to me because I feel that as someone who desires to teach others I also should desire to t...

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... reading and evaluating this to see if I’m a good fit for the English department at Vanderbilt, and to do that I need to attain as much knowledge as possible and be proficient in my field of study. My reasons for picking Vanderbilt are simple, I want to be the best and therefore I picked the best school, a school that fit me and my aims, and that has a reputation as being a top-tier institute. I hope my next statement isn’t off-putting because it is no way intended to be, but when I stated that I wanted to aim high, I was in a sense downplaying my resolve to be admitted into this program; I’m not doing this as a long shot, I am incredibly determined to see myself amongst your student body, so if not now, someday soon. So this is more or less my affirmation to you that I will be a commodore, because in the end that’s what I feel will help me fulfill my life purpose.

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