Grading Scale: A Persisting Problem Among Students Essay

Grading Scale: A Persisting Problem Among Students Essay

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Entering the classroom, sheets of white typing paper printed out sitting on the desks; starting the day off with the notification of the classroom grade can be a frightening thought. The eighteen year old, tall, and slender girl slides into her desk and prepares herself for what the paper holds for her future report card. Verbally, the teacher signals to flip over the piece of paper and look at semester grades. As the papers are being flipped, all at once negative cries shout out. This can not be right! There is something wrong! Why are there grades missing? Why is this not an A? As Aquilino states, “It’s not like they should get something they didn’t earn” (Roth 1). The teacher telling the students to settle down and sit in their seats quietly soars across the room. Worried faces, teary eyes, and trembling hands are seen in every student of the class. As the teacher thinks, who can really be blamed for a lower letter grade than wanted? There is only one answer, the student themselves. It is natural to slip once in a while in the classroom, but the grades permanently recorded on a grade point average never change. Since getting a bad grade can disappoint anyone, there are ways to solve this problem. As a senior these grades may have an affect on college, but in all ages the grading scale can be a problem. Whether it be the parent of a student, or the student themselves worrying about a grade in a class, there is a fix. Since more often than not, a student or parent has a problem with a student grade, however there is more than one solution for solving this grade dilemma.

Nevertheless when dealing with dissatisfied grades, parents get involved. When it comes down to dealing with a final grade, the decision is betw...

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... expected where students are carefree at times during school hours, but when it comes down to knowing the grading scales one must focus. There are solutions to solving problems that are sometimes fought between a teacher and a student and even between a teacher and parent. Extra credit, grading on a curve, college credits, and changing all scales to be equal are a few possible solutions to these problems. All problems in life have solutions, sometimes more than one. As shown through this paper, problems should not be stressed about, rather looked at by ways it can be improved upon. Grading scales can vary from class to class, but why worry when there are solutions to making students more educated rather than worrisome. Since more often than not a student or parent has a problem with a student grade; there is possible solutions for solving this grade dilemma.

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