Grade Student Who Struggles With A Subjects Essay

Grade Student Who Struggles With A Subjects Essay

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Jenniah is a third grade student who struggles with a subjects in academia. According to Mrs.E she is very low-functioning and doesn’t complete tasks Worried about her incomplete tasks and struggles with school, Mrs.E is currently in the process of getting her tested. From observing Jenniah in small and whole group environments, I noticed that she isn’t very social at all, she is very timid and stays to her self at all times. In the beginning of the day when homework is checked, she is always missing at least one homework. When asked why she didn’t complete her homework, she says that she forgot. Her overall behavior in class is good although she has had instances when she hit her classmate. The typical subjects Mrs.E teaches are language arts, math, and sometimes science. In math she is able to follow simple procedures at her own pace but, she is unable to perform during tests and other high-stakes assessments. She usually receives less than 40% in all her math tests. Most recently she received a 26% on a math test and a check minus on most if not all math assessments. Although she struggles with math, she is able to formulate and follows the procedures that Mrs.E has presented in the class. The subject that she struggles most, I would say, is reading and writing. More specifically, she struggles with reading and being able to retell and/or summarize the story.
I performed a running record right away and analyzed her results to get a better understanding about what type of reader she is and where she needs more support. She currently reads at a Level L, which according to Fountas & Pinnell, is a second grade reading level. As a standard procedure of running records, I tested her for the next level (Level M) to see if she has im...

... middle of paper ... helped her stay on task. She was able to write a great summary with details, proper sequencing, characters, and vocabulary. They only thing that worries me is that her reading and writing is not to par with her classmate, it is evident that she is very behind.
I would improve this experience with Jenniah by spending more one on one time with her. I would have liked to work on a math lesson plan with her. Overall, I do think it is right for Mrs.E to have her evaluated because she far too behind for a third grader going into state testing. Jenniah struggles in every subject practically due to her lack of getting her work done. I could infer that maybe she doesn’t have a strong parental role that pushes her to complete her work but, I can’t make judgments. What I do know is that she needs to practice, practice, practice specially in her reading and writing skills.

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