The Grade School District Standards Based Report Card Essay

The Grade School District Standards Based Report Card Essay

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This unit of study is being developed to meet Life Science Standards, Grade 5. The fifth grade life science curriculum focuses on; hierarchies, human systems, and examines plants on a deeper, more technical level than was done in previous grades. The unit being developed focuses on human systems and using mentor text, interactive websites, writing, and hands on experiments through explicit instruction. Lessons for this unit have been extracted from a web source ( and are being used to provide background knowledge needed to engage in collaborative tasks. This unit of study addresses the following common core standards as written on the Nashua School District Standards Based Report Card.

• Explains text and the relationship between people, events, or ideas by using specific information in the text and accurate quotes to make inferences as well as determine meaning.
• Analyzes information from multiple sources of the same topic efficiently and makes connections across those sources to create new understanding.
• Writes an informative text to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.
• Develops and organizes clear and coherent writing appropriate to task and purpose.
• Demonstrates understanding of concepts through listening, speaking, presenting, interpreting, reading and/or writing about science.
• Demonstrates understanding and use of science vocabulary and terms.
• Demonstrates understanding that scientific inquiry is a process to observe and describe, explain and predict natural phenomenon in our world.
• Demonstrates ability to apply and analyze tools for the description, analysis and presentation of scientific data and ideas.


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...he mysteries of our inner body. Follow this trio (and RoboCat) as they unpack our metabolic processes, explore DNA and the systems that keep humans upright. Join the adventure as Kumi and Nemoto unpack the complexities of biochemistry.
Website where the reported mentor text was retrieved. This site allows a teacher to set up individual accounts for each student and monitor the books they read. The site provides a wide range of genres with current text within each. The students have an opportunity to have books read to them, can earn points for each book read and enter weekly challenges. This site is accessible anywhere via an application that can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet. It is user friendly, engages the students and is customizable.

This paper has been submitted to meet the requirements of ED523 as stated by Dr. Monico.

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