Grade Level Testing Should Be Tested Out Of Level Tests Essay

Grade Level Testing Should Be Tested Out Of Level Tests Essay

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Out-of-level testing began in the 1960s when teachers started to complain about the inaccurate scores from nationally standardized instruments used to measure the ability of students (Minnema, 2000, p.9). Out-of-level testing has shown that certain students test multiple grade levels below their enrolled grade level. I believe that out-of-level test should only be given one level below the enrolled grade level because this will have students learn the academic content in depth through different programs, still have accommodation for students, and students will have the eligibility to take the exit exam.
Through the research that I have conducted on out-of-level testing, I have found many interesting points that have been made. There are factors that were considered when determining if a student should be tested out of level. First, the student’s ability level and their academic strengths, then assessment results of the individual, parent consideration of the decision making, and finally deciding to take one grade level down and still be considered a standardize test. With these factors into consideration, this will determine if a student will take the out of level testing (Warren, 2004, pg. 12). Final decisions on test taking were decided during a student’s IEP team meeting. Once the IEP paperwork was looked upon, the teachers and parents would come to a decision stating if they would want the student to perform at on grade testing or out of level testing. Students with disabilities that are being out of level tests are experiencing the lost opportunity to learn. As students go along with testing out of level the more that they fall behind (Warren, 2004, p. 18). After receiving the results of the amount of out-of-level testing i...

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...evel the more that they fall behind (Warren, 2004, p. 18). As shown there can be many accommodations for students needs in order to create a better learning environment. Just because some student have learning disabilities doesn’t mean that they should not give the opportunity to learn the same amount of information then students who do not suffer from learning disabilities. With accommodations still being made for students, there is the ability to only test students’ one grade level below their enrolled grade level. This still gives the accommodations that are needed for each student, but also keep them on track or close to track with the academic content they need to learn. With these accommodations and the extra help to have the students learning the appropriate content could make it possible to have the students learning he content of their enrolled grade level.

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