Essay about Grade Level Content For Students With Special Needs

Essay about Grade Level Content For Students With Special Needs

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All students need to show growth and hopefully proficiency on grade level content even our students with special needs. There are one hundred fifteen students with special needs at Northwest Cabarrus Middle the majority of the students are identified as learning disabled or other health impaired. Last year there were fifteen co-taught classes and only nine resource classes, therefore the majority of our students with special needs are receiving services in the co-taught classroom. These students are supposed to receive the general education curriculum however they are not showing growth expected. I am the lead EC teacher at Northwest Cabarrus Middle, I will be going into my second year as lead. During my first year I did quite a few observations and quickly realized our co-taught classes need to be addressed. The plan for the upcoming year is to focus on classroom practices to increase growth for the students with disabilities. I, as a special education teacher for more than twenty years, know all children with special needs will not be proficient however they can grow. I have heard teachers all too often say, “My scores weren’t good because I had all the low students.” Those are the teachers who should show the highest growth. The focus for the upcoming school year is to improve teaching practices and increase accountable in order to increase growth for students with special needs.
Out of the one hundred fifteen students with disabilities at Northwest Cabarrus Middle only fifteen scored a level three or higher in Reading and only thirteen scored a level three or higher in Math. According to my principal we won’t have access to growth percentages until the fall. Out of those one hundred fifteen students eighty-seve...

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...ool. I was shocked when I as the lead EC teacher received calls in March from parents who had no idea who their child’s EC case manager was. We will continue to have monthly EC meetings but the focus is going to move from compliance to teaching practices and student concerns.
The hope is during this school year our co-teaching classes become more proficient, our students will show increased academic growth and hopefully proficiency on grade level content. The goals is to prepare our students for the future not to continue to handicap them. I tell my eight grade students they are quickly becoming adults, they won’t have a sign that says I have an IEP don’t require me to do things. They will have to function in society and it’s our job as teachers to make that happen. I going to start by improving the co-taught classes at Northwest Cabarrus Middle.

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