Grade Inflation Is An Important Aspect Of The Education System Essay

Grade Inflation Is An Important Aspect Of The Education System Essay

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According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, grade inflation is, “the assigning of grades

higher than previously assigned for given levels of achievement.” This means that grades are designed to recognize various levels of success, making them an important aspect of the education system in countries across the globe. They help determine not only where students are accepted, but help students earn scholarship dollars to aid students in paying for their education. However, there has been a rapid increase in the amount of A’s awarded to students in America to help those trying to get into and pay for college rather than earning A’s for the content of their work. There is a huge difference between the number of A’s given to students in America and the students in European countries, most of whom are on a set track to attend college or go straight into the workforce after school before getting to high school. This is the difference between a Meritocratic--distributing grades based on academic achievement--and Particularistic--evaluate students based on their personal characteristics and or circumstances; --idea of grading does not treat all students in a consistent manner. The evident difference between American and European grade scales have drastically affected what students know before going to college, rate of acceptance to a university, and their success once in college no matter how well it may seem to aid students while in high school.

America is quickly changing to be a nation of inflation. Grade point averages have risen from 2.93 during the ‘91-’92 school year to 3.07 nearly a decade later (Harding 21). This is mostly due to the change in grading scales from a traditional seven point grade scale, which a student could only...

... middle of paper ...

...le that unifies many countries together.
Although inflated grades aid those students who take advanced classes, they end up giving students in all different achievement levels false hope and a sense of security, setting them up for countless struggles and failure in college. Inflated grades have changed how colleges review a student’s acceptance, and leaves them ill prepared for life in and after college. A student in the United States will finds himself falling behind because where they used to be handed As, they are now earning Bs or even Cs. On the contrary, a student in Europe will know exactly how well they are prepared for college based on their uninflated grades and will be able to know how to either advance their education or prepare for the workforce. Students need to come to terms with the importance of a grading scale that doesn’t factor in inflation.

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