Grace - Original Writing Of A Dog By A Hunk Of Fur On The Back Of Its Neck

Grace - Original Writing Of A Dog By A Hunk Of Fur On The Back Of Its Neck

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I sat up quickly when the front door burst open.

Grace drug in a dog by a hunk of fur on the back of its neck. It was the skittish Border Collie, and it was not happy to be here. Its nails dug into the wood floor, it whimpered, and its tail was tucked between its hind legs.

“Little bitch, should’ve never got with child,” Grace muttered under her breath, “What am I going to do? Gonna get rid of them, that’s what I’ll do.”

Grace stormed over to my cage, clutching the dog, her eyes filled with fury. She slung the dog down, ignoring the fact that I was even there.

“You’re the bitch!” I told Grace, clutching the wires of the cage. “You’re the cruelest, heartless, meanest piece of shit I’ve ever met.”

Grace stopped cold, a vein throbbed in her forehead. She jabbed a finger in my direction. “You’d do well to keep your mouth shut!” She released the dog, and kicked it into a corner of the room. The Collie circled, trying to find a comfortable place to set her abused body. It had a look on its face of confusion and despair.

“Even your dogs hate you!” I rushed on, filled with overwhelming emotions I couldn’t contain even if I wanted to. It was to the point that I no longer cared what Grace did to me. I hated her. I hated everything about her. “They should hate you. You’re devoid of love.” I paused long enough to suck in a breath, to refuel. “You can’t love. You don’t know how.” It was the truth. The horrible truth. Grace didn’t know how to show empathy. How could she when she’d never been shown any?

Grace hurled a bowl of water at the cage. “Shut your mouth! Shut your filthy mouth!”

The Border Collie panted, licking its bottom. It was restless. Its ribs were visible along its back, its belly swollen, and I realized it was pregna...

... middle of paper ...

...sed, lowering her stiff bottom to the floor, her body rigid. Grace continued, unaffected. “Be still you worthless MUTT!”

“Get off her!” I shook the cage. “Leave her alone. Haven’t you done enough?”

“Be still.” Grace warned the dog as she wrapped rubber bands around the its mouth, and around its tail. “That’ll rot it all off, ‘n keep it quiet,” Grace muttered.

“How can you be so heartless?” I sobbed.

Grace looked from the dog to me, and grabbed it again by the scruff of the neck. She drug the dog toward the cage.

“You feel so sorry for her,” Grace spit, opening the cage door. “Take her.” Grace shoved the dog inside.

“No, please no!” I scrambled to the very back of the cage. “I’m terrified of dogs. Please!”

Grace snapped the lock in place.

“You’re a monster,” I cried.

“If I were a monster,” Grace said, her voice icy. “I would have fed you to the dogs.”

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