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Grace Nichols' Island Man Essay

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The mood of this poem is very soothing and is a sense of relaxation and security. Grace Nichols is showing that the island mans first home is the Caribbean. “the steady breaking and wombing.” The word “wombing” is a made up word by the writer. It has many associations but it makes us the readers imagine a place of comfort and security but more importantly a sense of home and belonging. The reason why this image is put in to the readers mind is because babies grow in the mothers’ womb, so we could say that the womb is everyone’s “first home”. The word ‘wombing’ can also mean his mother land.

The first line in this poem is only taken up by one word, ‘morning’ this may represent a peaceful approach to the day. I came to this conclusion because the poet tells us in the third line ‘sound of the blue surf’ this indicates that the sound of the sea is harmonious and it is the first image that is put into the island mans brain. The word ‘morning’ on its own can make us think that someone is actually saying morning as in good morning. ‘blue surf’ could also mean relaxation however the word ‘blue’ could mean sadness. This choice of wording makes us the readers think that the blue surf is a relaxing thing but it is sad that the island man Is away from it or that the island man Is missing his homeland.
In the poem it shows that the main character has simplistic pleasures of island life. ‘wild seabirds and fishermen pushing out to sea’. In my opinion the reason why I think he remembers how simple life was is because life is harder being in London, there is more stress and there is a busier life style in London.
In this poem the writer uses a technique called Enjambment. In most cases Enjambment can show anger, desperation or frustration...

... middle of paper ...

...written for. As the poet is an immigrant from Guyana, her feelings of Britain and the Caribbean are most probably parallel to the feelings of a ‘Caribbean Island man’, helping her relate to the reader.

The message the poet is portraying is that island man is representing her and that this is how she feels. She is also saying that she will never forget about her culture. In my opinion the main character likes his old life because it’s more adventurous and the feeling of never being alone is relaxing. He might be use to the struggle in his hometown that he finds it boring that he can get things to easily in this country. My beliefs are that the message the poet is portraying is that life may be more adventurous in your homeland but there is a better quality of life in London. The lifestyle you choose has to be the lifestyle you need even if you find it dreary.

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