The Governor 's Office And The Oregon Department Of Human Services Essay

The Governor 's Office And The Oregon Department Of Human Services Essay

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Thank you again for contacting the Governor’s Advocacy Office (GAO). To clarify the role of the GAO, we are under both the Oregon Governor’s Office and the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS) Director’s Office and we independently review or investigate matters of complaint or concern that a constituent reports having with a DHS program or service. Our investigative processes included a review of the information within your DHS electronic case file and program policies relevant to your concerns. From there, contact is made with the Supervisor and case manager to ask clarifying questions. The subsequent findings are intended to address your allegations or concerns and to provide documentation for review. Due to confidentiality laws, this office cannot discuss or acknowledge direct information pertaining to the case that these children are listed on. However, generally, if a family has an open Child Welfare case our office does not have the ability to change the determination of Child Welfare’s designated adoptive placement, or reinstate certification for foster parents. Nor do we have the ability to overturn the series of review and judgments provided by the Office of Administrative Hearing (OAH) as they are the finally and highest form of due process when it comes to denials of certification; Oregon Administrative Rule (OAR) 413.200.0274 and 413.200.0308.
In review of your letter and its contents the following three major points will be addressed in the following letter:
1. Your request that the Department of Human Service, Child Welfare immediately return your great grandchildren to your custody and expedited certification so that you may be a placement for the children
2. Your statement that the children never should ha...

... middle of paper ...

...upport to encourage a relationship between children in DHS custody and family, if there is not already; this is in the best interest of the children and can be justified as such.
Mr. Covey, this information is in no way intended to assess your character, nor challenge the choices you have made. However, you contacted the GAO and expressed a deep dissatisfaction with DHS Child Welfare’s involvement in your life and wanted our office to intervene on your behalf. Unfortunately, after our review of Child Welfare policies and we found no violation on the actions taken by the CW staff and are, therefore, are unable to assist you in the outcome you are seeking. Additionally, prior to your contact with this office you had exercised the highest form of due process available in this matter, with your review hearing provided by the OAH. We wish you well and hope for the best.

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