The Government's Involvement with the Daily Life of American Citizens Essay

The Government's Involvement with the Daily Life of American Citizens Essay

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In America, the debate over the warranted degree of government involvement in one’s daily life is ever-present. As citizens, Americans demand protection and security from our leaders. In return, they provide capital, ingenuity, and a responsibility to society. As can especially be seen in the current time of recession and bailouts, citizens rely on the government to regulate and stabilize of our economy - to act on behalf of their wellbeing. However, this has not always been the case. Subsequent to western expansion, the government was hesitant to impose regulations upon its citizens, especially in relation to their economic pursuits. Political leaders relied on powerful businessmen’s’ support for occupational security - so formed the governments, “unobtrusive” laissez faire policies. Reinforced by laissez faire policies, immigration in the late nineteenth century exacerbated the worst aspects of American capitalism, undermining the citizen’s ability to reach interdependent prosperity. At the turn of the twentieth century, the industrialization of America introduced revolutionary technology to American cities, posing hazards to workers and craftsmen.
America was bustling with innovations: a newly expanded system of railroads, expediting westward expansion, as well as novel means of personal transportation allowing flourishing cities to expand as well as widening the cap between the rich and poor. Cities were at “the height of modernization for the time, with skyscrapers, electric trolleys, department stores, bridges, bicycles, indoor plumbing, telephones, and electric lamps.” There was a surplus of inspirited entrepreneurs’ and hopeful farmers. Citizens began to look for “new wonders” in the world and migrated to the...

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...uch a colossal issue today. The incursion of immigrants, in collaboration with the government’s laissez faire policies undermined American interdependence, which impeded the nations ability to truly prosper by establish a reliance on “outsiders” to perform most factory work. By creating a demand for foreign workers in America, big businesses rendered the American economy reliant on immigration- a destructive relationship to this day. In addition to preventing one interdependent nation, immigrants impaired the success of Americans by equating themselves to citizens, allowing themselves to feel entitled to the jobs of legal citizens, and rendered legal citizenship little allure. Had it not been for the influx of immigration in the late nineteenth century, the economy, poverty levels and unemployment rates of current day America would be drastically improved.

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