Governments Come And Go The Great Empires Of The Past Have Not Stood The Test Of Time

Governments Come And Go The Great Empires Of The Past Have Not Stood The Test Of Time

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Governments come and go. All the great empires of the past have not stood the test of time. When governments do not have the proper foundation with the right guiding principles, they end up failing. But Flavin Island shall not fail under the guiding principles of Thomas Aquinas. Before establishing the proper roles and responsibilities of each branch of government, the proper regime must be selected. At all costs, a tyranny must be avoided. Aquinas explains that, “tyranny is another form of government, an altogether corrupt form, and so we do not understand the laws of tyrannical regimes as any law” (95.4, p. 58). There are four other regimes, however, that is a viable alternative. Aquinas maintains that the combination of monarchy, aristocracy, oligarchy, and democracy produces a regime with the best form of government whose law comes both from the elders and the people of the community (95.4, p. 58-9). Thus, having the government of Flavin Island operate as a mixed regime provides the best foundation for a new government along with the proper functions for the judiciary, executive, and legislature.
The first branch, the judiciary, should not have as powerful a role as the other two areas do. Aquinas makes it abundantly clear that judges should not be the ones making the law. The role that the judiciary should play is to interpret the law and render judgments based on the law (60.6, p. 186). The laws themselves should come from the lawmakers. The reasons Aquinas provides are threefold. First, it is easier to find enough lawmakers to create the right laws as opposed to have many judges decide on each and every case (95.1, p. 53). Second, lawmakers have more time to consider and deliberate over laws, whereas judges have a much mo...

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...ion, namely an intention to promote good or avoid evil” (40.1, p. 165). This final guideline for waging war also serves as an implication that rulers should possess the ability of preemptive warfare. Preemption is allowable if the intention of that war is to promote a good like spreading Christianity or avoiding some evil such as terrorism.
Flavin Island should adopt these Aquinian ideals in order to achieve a utopic society. Following these ideals sets the foundation for and allows for the best possible society. The government should be a mixed regime of oligarchy, aristocracy, monarchy, and democracy. It should have a limited judicial branch with a powerful legislative and executive branch. And all public officials, regardless of branch, should use their public authority only for the benefit of the commonwealth and direct the people towards God and His divine law.

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