Essay on Government Support Programs For Public Schools

Essay on Government Support Programs For Public Schools

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Never Forget Where You Come From
I came from a small country where things were very hard because of the poverty rate. Everything was expensive and people couldn 't afford to support their families. There were no jobs because of this reason the poverty rate was very high. It was not easy for parents to send their childen to private schools because they have little or no money. Those who were fortunate to send their children to private school were the worthy families. On the other hand, in America, it doesn 't matter if you are rich or poor there are a lot of government support programs like financial aids and loans that that will help people that want to go to school or those that want to further their education or do other things. So in America, you can still attend school whether it is expensive or inexpensive it doesn 't matter. As for back home, mostly parents would send their children to local schools to learn instead of well-known school. Luckily for me my parent was able to send me to private school but the educational system was not really good enough to help me learn the way my parent expected me to. There weren 't computers and library or other resources to do research; for this reasons, I found it very hard to learn. However, in America it 's the opposite, you have everything that you want.
 When I was living with my parents in a small house back home, we went through some obstacles that making it tough for us. However, my parents did all they could to see that I and my brothers would get or achieved what others children had. They buy us school supplies, clothing, and give us lunch money. They did all of these things so that we would look good among our friends. Although they were not working, they tried ...

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...sed and not following bad friends, but be yourself. 

            I know living in a strange land can be very difficult and complicate; like adapting to government rules, laws etc. but remembering your roots or where you come from is very important. It makes you noticeable in the eyes of others people especially when you are doing the right things. However, if you forget where you come from or let the freedom in other society change your perspective on life and your cultural background, other people will look at you in the negative way. Finally, not everyone forget where they come from and their struggle. I’m only referring to those who have forgotten about their cultural or where they come from. So they would never forget where they come from because it really important and it what that make us a

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