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Government-subsidized food is a growing epidemic in this country. According to Adam Drewnoski, an obesity researcher at University of Washington, “A dollar could buy 1,200 calories of cookies or potato chips but only 250 calories of carrots. Also, he discovered that a dollar bought 875 calories of soda but only 170 calories of orange juice” (Pollan 1). This statistic proves that the emergence of unhealthy food and growing obesity numbers are directly correlated to the increasing government-subsidized food that is being thrust upon American children. One study found out that, “about 98% of all televised food ads seen by children are for foods high in sugar, fat, or sodium, and that one thirty-second commercial can influence the brand preferences of children as young as two” (Kalafa 3). It is cruelly ironic that the same White House that is trying to combat childhood obesity is the same one that spends billions of dollars every year on food subsidies which are used to create unhealthy foods. Yet, government-subsidized food is not a worst-case scenario. One study reports that, “In 2009, more than 50 million persons in the United States lived in households classified as food insecure” (Gundersen 1). Millions of people, especially children, depend on cheap, high-calorie foods just to survive. For all these children, the majority of their daily calories come from their lunches at school. Thus, government-subsidized food is a positive entity for school lunches because it provides adequate food to the millions of children that depend on them. Conversely, industrialized food is bad for school lunches because it does not provide enough nourishment to the students that consume them, and encourages childhood obesity by providing a plethora of...

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