Essay about Government Spending Should Be Increased On War

Essay about Government Spending Should Be Increased On War

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A Democrat and Republic are parties that take the views of the American in the United States. However, the party that I support would be Democratic party. The reason I choose the left side of the ideology because government spending should be decreased on war, gay marriage should be supported, and the government should be based on a liberalistic economy. If I had to vote for a president, I would definitely go for Bernie Sanders because he and I share common interests on the economy. The Republican Party has some good ideas but I still would choose the Democratic side.
Government spending shouldn’t be focused on war and should be limited. Back during President Bush’s administration, Bush would focus mostly on stopping terrorism and because of that we were led into a recession. I believe that if Bush had focused more on the economy during that time before the recession, we wouldn’t be facing a huge national deficit. The worst part is that the country had a surplus to begin with and instead he used most of it to stop terrorism! I understand that because of the 9/11 attack, Bush passed t...

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