The Government Should Put Laws in Place To Prevent Bullying Essay

The Government Should Put Laws in Place To Prevent Bullying Essay

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28 percent of students in grades six through twelve in the U.S. experience bullying. Bullying can be defined as hurting, intimidating, or persecute someone, who is usually weaker. Bullying is aggressive and repetitive. An imbalance of power is common in bullying, the bully will usually use their power, whether it be physical strength, or access to information that could harm someone to hurt other people. However, both children that are bullied and bully others may grow up to have lasting problems. Bullying can lead to multiple affects. The government should put laws in place to prevent bullying.
Although physical bullying is not as common as social or verbal bullying it is still a problem. Bullying can often lead to violence. Whether it be the bullied or the bully, one may want to turn to violence. The bully might want to take it a step further to intimidate the person they are bullying. The person getting bullied can see violence, such as bringing a gun or knife to school, the only way to retaliate. Bullying has become so common in schools that it seems natural. It no longer affects the majority of students, and they don’t feel like they should stop it. People get used to it. When some people are affected by bullying, it can lead to something extreme. Something as extreme as a school shooting. Studies have shown that most school shootings are the outcomes of bullying. People who go to such extremes as school shootings are ones who were actually victimized. They feel rage. Rage is a feeling people get when they feel like they are a victim. Many of the students who bring guns to school do it to protect themselves. 1 out of 20 students have seen another student with a gun at school. They feel like they need that safety. Sometimes, ...

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