Essay about The Government Should Not Control Snap Assistance

Essay about The Government Should Not Control Snap Assistance

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The Government Should Not Control SNAP Assistance
mount of money for each child and adultThe Government tries to tell people what that they can and cannot do when it comes to food stamps. This is not fair to the people who use SNAP Assistance clearly telling people what they can and cannot buy with SNAP Assistance is nonchalant. The United States government should not be able to tell people what they could buy with their SNAP because it is unconstitutional. SNAP Assistance is a government controlled program that helps low-income Americans put food on the table, providing benefits that are timely targeted,and temporary. SNAP beneficiaries receive what looks like a debit card, with which they pay in supermarkets. Ways you can get food stamps are; Current food stamp programs have little work required as a condition of assistance, encouraging the relatively well off the system and those in head to remain in poverty. The Nutrition Assistance Program is targeted at our most vulnerable citizens predominately serving households with children, elderly and disabled members participants. A state or city might ban chips, cookies, soda, and other sugary beverages. Such a move could nudge food stamp recipients toward healthier choices in any case, the federal government should not be subsidizing junk food (Black 1).
Must further show a net income of less than or equal 100 percent of the poverty line and are subject to an asset test. While SNAP Assistance is a very good food program families have difficult nutritional needs. It is valuable that the government shouldn’t control the nutrients people choose to buy. This is unnecessary because the percentage of obese children in America are 35.7 percent about a million people have sugar diabetes...

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... as produce, eggs, and milk, etc. The food choices is paternalistic limiting state oversight eliminating food choice would create a stigma and shame SNAP benefits (Dewitt 1).
The department of social services administers the SNAP program where as DHEC administrate WIC. USDA administers both State leaders eventually ask the USDA for a federal waiver in an effort to curb the state 's growing obesity problems. South Carolina went eighth in the nation for obesity and two out of every three people in the state are presently overweight. In conclusion, the government shouldn 't control the amount of money people receive on SNAP Assistance. Same people need food stamps to provide for their household, so if there isn’t enough money given will they provide for their family. Different households numerous family members in the family so there should be enough a (Weingarten 1).

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