Essay on The Government Should Help Pay Death Costs

Essay on The Government Should Help Pay Death Costs

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Death is the inevitable part of a human life. Everyone eventually experiences it one way or another. The time of someone's passing is unknown, it can happen during any giving day at any giving time. Most americans today pay for a private life insurance to help prepare for the financial expenses. Although if an american died at a daily job, many believe the government should help by providing an amount of money. Society should look into three different perspectives, a poor family, middle class family, and a rich family before putting a value on a persons life. In those three classes the difference of money will occur, a poor man will receive almost nothing compared to a rich man. That is where the question is asked “is a poor man life worth less than a rich mans?” Society will always be emotional towards a death, thusfore the government should remain to overlook emotion when placing a monetary value on human life and focus on type of occupation, but should consider changing some factors relying on income value.
It might seem some what harsh at first the idea about society placing a value on a human life. After all everyone has always been told that people have a different view in life and value life differently. Such as the way one lives it, who an individual is to society, the people individuals surround themselves with or even beliefs in religion. A person who travels the world, is famous, always associates themselves with wealthy people, or believe a certain belief, does not make them any more valuable than the common american. In reality when it comes to being labeled with a price tag, it is not about how happy you are in life or how well you lived it. The way money distribution is handled is through the common legal practice....

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... the idea as if the lost one was only worth that much money and people felt like it was a cheap way of saying sorry. Something society should focus more on doing is valuing a life by looking at what a person has done for the community. Has he or she volunteered to help homeless, gave money to charity, helped clean around the city. The way government sums up what a person is worth is through the Human Life Value Calculator or programs very similar to it. It basically asks personal questions and sums up what an individual is worth. Death is something we all share, no way to escape it. Many plan for it, while other will have to rely on what the government will aid them with. Placing a monetary value on a human life is okay to do, it should continue to overlook emotion, but society should take in considerations in what they measure to get an actual value on a human life.

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