Government, Schools, and Companies Must Fight Childhood Obesity Essay

Government, Schools, and Companies Must Fight Childhood Obesity Essay

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Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in America. Many children in America, get two out of the three meals at school. As stated in the article, "School Meals Need to Get Healthier: Report" published in Healthday, “About 30.6 million school children participated in the school lunch program in 2007, and 10.1 million children had school breakfasts. In 2007, schools in the program served about 5.1 billion lunches and 1.7 billion breakfasts” (Healthday). This staggering number directly relates to the childhood obesity problem in America. There are many people involved in the school lunch and breakfast programs and major stake holders with huge sums of money invested. Recent revisions, by the Department of Agriculture, in the rules regarding the dietary guidelines followed by breakfast and lunch programs has upset the major stake holders and the people involved. Most schools are arguing that the new rules will cost the schools too much. Some people are also arguing that it is impossible to implement these new rules. Childhood obesity is a growing epidemic in America. It is the responsibility of the schools, and the people involved with providing the school lunch and breakfast to deal with this problem and provide healthful lunch and breakfast.
The Hunger-Free Kids Act of 1995 was introduced by the Department of Agriculture to take on the problem of malnutrition in kids. Those dietary guidelines have been followed since by the schools. The growing epidemic of childhood obesity is directly related to these dietary guidelines. Childhood obesity leads to health related problems later in life for these children. Many people have been arguing for new dietary guidelines to be implemented by the Department of Agriculture. “In an age of ep...

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...he new laws made by the Department of Agriculture are not cost efficient. They need to keep in mind the cost associated with these changes and the practicality of these laws. The schools need to monitor the nutrition content of the food they are providing the children. The companies that cater to schools also need to create healthful alternatives to whatever they are providing now. Clearly, the school lunches and breakfast provided to children today are not healthful. The schools, the Department of Agriculture, and the companies need to work together to fight against childhood obesity, because they are fighting for the future of America.

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