Essay on The Government 's Role Of American Society

Essay on The Government 's Role Of American Society

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The Government’s Role in American Society
The U.S. government’s role and American expectations about government have been transformed by different periods that the United States has experienced. While in the Gilded Age there was a rise of big businesses men who control the government, the Progressive Era saw the rise of the regular people who tried to take control of the government. Whereas the Great Depression period faced a terrible time and people saw a refuge in the government, the WWII period people faced shared a similar terrible time, but the government did not show the same commitment to people during WWII. Another significant transformation consisted of the Cold War period where America became very uniform and the rise of communism started, which alarmed people because communism would change America, and the 1960s Protests where a sudden change in laws benefited minorities. Lastly, the Liberalism period showed that the government’s role was to provide services to guarantee that no one would be in need while the Conservative period provided individuals the tools to succeed on their own.
During the transition of the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, the government showed a shift from protecting business to protecting citizens. During the Gilded Age, the government protected companies like the Carnegie Steel Company by “issuing warrants for the arrest of thirty-three Homestead men charged with treason.” Businessmen had the control over the government, so those who revolved against corporations had the government as their enemy. The government protected the company by calling “out the entire division of the national guard of that State to restore order at Homestead.” In contrast, during the Progressive Era, there was a “g...

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...y one [the government] took [them] out of the breadline.” It also gave workers an opportunity to “take a normal place in the life of [their] communities, it made [them] self-sufficient” by giving them service jobs. However, during WWII in “wartime imagery perpetuated traditional hierarchies of white over blacks.” Stereotypes were a powerful tool to make people think that a war was necessary. The Japanese population was categorized as enemies who were trying to take America down from the inside after the incident in Pearl Harbor. Stereotypes: the motive to keep people in war. Nonetheless, such depictions were also manipulated by the government while it helped African Americans during the Great Depression. Even though the government helped African Americans, the government restricted them to their own communities, so integration was not in the plans of the government.

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