Essay The Government 's Legal System

Essay The Government 's Legal System

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There are many things that the government does well. There are definitely flaws in the systems, but the government does its job of upholding the values espoused by the Enlightenment regarding the proper role of government. The government does establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, providing common defense, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessing of liberty. Here are the facts on how the government provide these things and how it makes America healthy:
The first way the government upholds the values of the Enlightenment is by establishing justice. Establishing justice is the government 's legal system that makes fair decisions for its citizens. The American government has created 3 separate branches to function. These branches include Legislative, Judicial, and Executive. Out of these branches the Judicial branches contributes to establishing justice. The Judicial branch does not make law or enforce them, it applies facts and interprets laws for the cases it comes across. With this, the Judicial branch provides a mechanism for disputes that can go to court. This is one of the main reasons that I believe the government does a good job establishing justice. The Judicial branch tries to create an equal and fair trial for everyone despite a person’s race, gender, sex, religion, and origin. This means that everyone’s arguments are treated equally despite who you are, what you look like, or even what your financial situation is. Though there are flaws, and people who are right do not always win, the government and judicial branch does do its job for the people. This also contributes to how America is healthy. It contributes because with having a healthy system that basically makes decisions for disputes can hel...

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...o dresses a certain way due to their religion cannot be told it is inappropriate because the blessing of liberty. The next example of securing the blessing of liberty is the right to life. This is important to people because it gives people options in their own lives that the U.S Government cannot take away. ( Secure the Blessing of Liberty) This is the last example of how the U.S Government upholds the values espoused by the Enlightenment by securing the blessing of liberty and how it makes America healthy.
In conclusion, I believe that the U.S Government does fulfil the values espoused by the Enlightenment by establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, providing common defense, promoting the general welfare, and securing the blessing of liberty. They U.S Government tries it’s hardest to make sure our safety, happiness and healthy important.

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