Government 's Intervention And Ownership Of Press Essay

Government 's Intervention And Ownership Of Press Essay

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The contemporary media exudes features that are inconsistent with liberal democratic ideals and many scholars (Beecher, 2005: Curran and Gurevitch, 2005) have expressed concerns over this issue. Liberal democracy upholds the idea that media should be independent from government’s intervention and ownership of press should be diverse, preferably, privately- owned in order for media to be able to act as watchdog, information provider and facilitator of the public sphere. However, these ideals are not embedded and practiced by Australian media institution and media actors. Public’s growing disenchantment with current affair issues and growing economic competition has inclined media to produce news content that are not quality journalism. The media does not have direct control over this changing social and economic nature of society. The manipulation of media output by political spin doctors limit the ideal roles of media as independent body. The concentration of media ownership, that is, the domination of media market by few, contradict liberal’s ideal on diversity in media ownership. Due to these factors, Australian media does not and could not yet live up to perfectly reflect the liberal democratic ideals in its practices.
Liberalism is a keen advocate of limited and representative government. Media is one of the institution that assist the achievement of such government. The liberal ideals require media to perform core roles of being a watchdog, information provider and facilitator of public sphere (eds. Errington & Miragliotta 2011). For successful enactment of these roles, media’s outputs need to be independent from government’s influence. Media has to be an impartial and unbiased institution that could criticize government’s m...

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...arboring political bias and dictating its media output to reflect personal opinion. Despite liberal ideal requiring him to be public’s representative, Murdoch publish personal beliefs and attempts to influence public’s opinions. His well- known personal campaign against the Labor government (2010- 2013) and its every agenda especially issues regarding climate change and asylum seeker. On day one of 2013 federal election campaign, New Limited’s The Daily Telegraph daringly encourages voters to “Kick the mob out”. Liberal ideals have not foreseen this type of threat on quality press due to private media’s involvement in politics. The more concentrated a media market is, larger power a media mogul can get access to. International Media Concentration Research Project’s studies found that out of 26 states surveyed, Australia’s newspaper circulation was most concentrated.

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