Essay on Government Regulations and Rights

Essay on Government Regulations and Rights

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American citizens are getting tired of the governments increasing control of the economy, health care, and a dodgy recovery plan (Engstrom, 2). According to a national survey, "Voters are starting to realize that the regulations implemented by government are beginning to intrude more so on people’s personal lives" (Thompson and Tringali, 2). The survey also said that, "A majority of both conservatives (61%) and liberals (54%) say they are both negatively impacted by regulations that tell American business which workers to hire" (Thompson and Tringali, 2). Most people believe that government intervention makes citizens feel less accountable and that someone else will baby and take care of them (Thompson and Tringali, 2). Thompson and Tringali state that "There are some positive connections to regulations, with solid majorities saying they are positively impacted by those that require certain safety levels for drinking water (72%) or require controls to ensure better safety at schools and in the work place (66%)" (Thompson and Tringali, 2). "Even since World War II, a number of countries abroad have adopted constitutions or amended these documents to include social and economic rights and these so called positive rights embrace guarantees to goods and services such as public schooling, healthcare, and a clean environment," according to Hershkoff (Hershkoff, 1). Although there are some positive influences on regulations, the majority is negative and shows how government is gradually taking away the rights of the American citizens through regulations and social programs.
"The year 2010 will stand as a watershed in regulation history," according to Diane Katz (Katz, 1). Katz stated, "In all likelihood, government at every level impo...

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...olumnists/michaelbarone/2011/09/19/as_president,_obama_acts_as_s hop_steward_in_chief >
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