Essay on Government Powers Of The Government

Essay on Government Powers Of The Government

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Democracy has been the root of a limited government, the system of which government powers are distributed so that one group of leaders do not have too much influence. The limited government has been structured to keep peace amongst all parties that are involved in the government. And under the U.S. Constitution, citizens are given ultimate power by their right to choose their representatives through the democratic process of voting. Each levels of the government are limited as they have their own responsibilities. The city government has the most local level of government as the residents elect a city council and mayor to represent their interest at the city level. All city governments establish housing and health regulations, and are responsible for meeting the needs and interests of citizens on a community level. As the city government power is limited on a community level, the country government is the form of a next level in the U.S. All states become divided into counties, and each county is made up by a number of cities and towns. County governments levy taxes in citizens and are responsible for organizing public education throughout the county. They are limited to do only “county affairs”, cannot violate state laws, and interfere with local affairs. Then there is the state government which are responsible for governing affairs within their borders, and carrying out federal laws and programs at the state level. They are governed by their own constitutions and retain any rights that the U.S. Constitution does not exclusively grant to the federal government. The state government is limited as they cannot form alliances with other states and must honor and respect the laws and institutions of the other states. And finally ther...

... middle of paper ..., make connections, and establish a vision for a community. However, one negative comment or distrustful action can destroy the foundation. There has to be an image of confidence, in order for citizens to trust politicians. As body language plays a significant role in public communications, it delivers a level of comfort leading the public and the standings of their ideas. Politicians must also keep calm in high- pressure situations, such as debates. Strong images must be kept whenever the public’s attention is on them, as every word and movement matters. Since public politicians are constantly in the public eye, image has been important as to how they appear and how strong their vision can influence delivery of their message. Therefore, the better the first impression is on the citizens and gaining trusts through credit claiming, can get politicians more votes.

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