Government, Politics, Liberty Justice, And The Enforcement Of A Legal Code By Authority

Government, Politics, Liberty Justice, And The Enforcement Of A Legal Code By Authority

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“The study of fundamental questions about the state, government, politics, liberty justice, and the enforcement of a legal code by authority,” is the definition of political philosophy. It is basically ethics applied to a group of people with questions whose purpose is to figure out how to set up a society and how one is expected to act in said society (Mastin). Some questions asked are “what makes a good government,” “how do we keep leaders from doing the wrong thing,” and “what makes a good citizen?” These questions area relevant and important because the answers shape a society. Without some type of government, either good or bad, there would be chaos. Since a good government is better than a bad government, those philosophical questions helps us understand how to create a good government. We need to know what makes a good government in order to keep things running smoothly, we need to know how to help the leaders who can fall off the right path, and we need to know how we, as citizens, must act in order for the government to remain peaceful.
Way back in 360 BCE, Plato wrote The Republic. In The Republic, Plato questioned what justice is. It’s noteworthy in the way he used how he views an individual’s soul to be an analogy for justice. He addressed his question heads-on with an answer stating that there are two types of justice. There’s an individual justice and a social justice. He believes that the individual’s justice has our rationality ruling over out appetites and emotional attachments. Social justice is the same exact thing. It has the rational parts (the leaders i.e. the philosophers) that rule over the appetites (workers) and the spirit (warriors). He says “the state is a man writ large,” which basically means, the st...

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...iness would eventually lead to hatred. In order to keep leaders from doing the wrong things, he says to just give them good advice and to trust them to rule and defend the state as they see fit. To be a good citizen in a Machiavellian government, isn’t too hard. Factionalism weakens the state so being involved in conspiracies and mobs would be the actions of a bad citizen.
From my knowledge of The Prince, I think Machiavelli’s idea of government/leadership is a satisfactory answer to the questions above. He found an effective balance to uphold a good government and the duties to be a good citizen under this kind of rule is understandable. With his spiel about ruling with love and fear, he showed that a leader of a Machiavellian government must be adaptable. They have to be okay with making tough calls, for the greater good and they need to know when to be merciful.

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