The Government Of Uk Prime Minister Blair Essay example

The Government Of Uk Prime Minister Blair Essay example

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In recent years, governments have been increasingly separating themselves from the premise of ideological policy-making to that of evidence-based policy making. The government of UK Prime Minister Blair purposely distanced himself from the ideological Thatcher Government to promote a sound, positive evidence based approach (API5116A, Week 8 Lecture, Issue Definition, Framing, and Evidence in Policy-Making). The same approach can be seen by the new Trudeau Government distancing itself from the style of the previous Harper Government, which was seen as strictly anti-evidence based policy-making. The general consensus amongst the public and politicians is that evidence based policy-making is unbiased, neutral, and focuses on facts. Any deviation from this approach in policy-making is seen as ideological or political, and thus shown in a more negative light. However, there are considerable difficulties with a strictly evidence-based approach in decision making which makes it often ineffective in policy implementation. It is often argued that evidence based approaches and scientific approaches are often far too technocratic. Certain elements of policy-making need to take into account specific morals and values that are not made apparent by scientific evidence based research. Another concern involves the process in which successful evidence based policy-making requires. Often, policy decisions need to be made in a short period of time. To adequately ensure all considerations are made, and the scientific methodology is sound, a scientific evidence-based approach may take a considerable period of time to produce reliable results. Evidence based policy-making also finds considerable difficulties in addressing complex issues with multiple f...

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...s broaden and effect a greater number of actors, the complexity of the policy approach can no longer be effectively addressed by evidence based policy-making alone. Changing governments, their interests, or the timeframe in which a policy decision is required, can hinder the process in which evidence based policy-making requires. These difficulties culminate into a mixed approach where evidence based approaches and the political alternative are necessary. The changing demands and nature of “the politics of decision-making inherently involves a mixing of science, value preferences, and practical judgements about the feasibility and legitimacy of policy choices” (Head, pp.89). A shifting towards one end of the spectrum of policy-making is inherently flawed. A combination of different and innovative policy approaches is necessary in order to strike a desired equilibrium.

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