Essay about Government Influence On Lifespan And Happiness

Essay about Government Influence On Lifespan And Happiness

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Sarah Smith
Ms. Stafford
English 4
2 March 2015
Government Influence on Lifespan and Happiness
What is happiness, and how can and should we achieve it? The answer to this is something that humans have been trying to figure out since the beginning of time. We all experience happiness in our lives. What I have researched is how much our governments and world leaders are in control of our lifespan and happiness. Elected and unelected officials have an undeniably large role in all of our lives, all over the world. My goal was to study how much effect they have on our happiness/lifespan, and how their influence can be improved. I believe that happiness is something that we are all entitled to, regardless of our countless differences. Our governments and the leaders who govern us should be responsible of ensuring that we are all capable of leading lives that are as long and happy as possible, whether we elect these people or not.
To be able to acquire the knowledge to answer these questions, it is necessary to first understand how the word and term “happiness” is used. The definition of happiness according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is “ obsolete: good fortune: prosperity”. When discussing happiness one must understand the vast meanings that this word adheres to. Happiness is typically characterized as an emotion produced by innumerable causes. Almost anything can be a cause of happiness from being around family, to eating a favorite food. Focusing on the causes that are in the control of governments and world leaders will help some to better understand the intensity of their effect on us. The causes are issues such as laws restricting jobs, income tax, healthcare, and many others.
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... are perceived and further used around the world.
I personally feel blessed to live in a country where so many freedoms and opportunities are a birthright, that gives me a feeling of obligation to at least question and suggest the way that other countries treat their citizens. Understanding problems and what can be done about them is the only first step to improving them in the future, and that could begin with asking ourselves one simple question. What is happiness, and how can and should we achieve it?

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