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The focus of government contracts has assumed great importance to businesses and individuals, in the modern times. Today the state has become a source of wealth that people are keenly, investing into for success. In the modern era of a welfare state, government's economic activities are expanding and the government is increasingly assuming the role of the dispenser of a large number of benefits. Today a large number of business organizations and individuals enjoy many benefits in from government contracts. However, affirmative action has become a serious cause of a heated debate in the united states of American society, today. In the controversial sphere of affirmative action, the largest issue coming up is whether minorities should have preferential treatment in the workplace and in schools or in the government. Affirmative action has also affected the government and its activities, for instance, awarding contracts. For instance, it influences the decision of the government to award a contract on a sole source or bid to a qualified service disabled veteran-owned business. The issue that must be addressed is fairness in awarding the government contract.
It is not fair for the government to award a government contract to a sole source when there is a service disabled veteran-owned business that has placed a bid for the contract and has required qualification. Awarding of government contract affects citizens directly. This means that the government must always treat all citizens fairly. The government should not discriminate its citizens in any way. The government should award contracts to any citizen if he or she has the required qualifications and can deliver the required results without compromise. The government should consid...

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...those who deserve them. With respect to past performance history, there is a system in place. Federal agencies have to put it into use. The findings exposed by the Commission on Wartime Contracting has provided a new perspective that could help end the discrimination that has existed, in awarding of government contracts.
In conclusion, despite the fact that affirmative action addresses issues that deal with awarding government contracts, SDVOSBs still face discrimination because of the absence of certain legislations that could shield them against such acts. In addition, no verification strategies that can help to ascertain genuine SDVOSBS exist. The legislation that set up the executive order and 8(a) requirements is not adequate. Therefore, these issues affect the awarding of government contracts on sole sources and SDVOSBs making it unfair and discriminatory.

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