The Government And The Democratic System Essay

The Government And The Democratic System Essay

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Nations identify their forms of government by how their legislative, executive, and judicial systems are structured. The most primary identifier of any nation is which democratic system it follows: presidential, or parliamentary. Both are built on a single democratic principle that all elections should be free and competitive in order to determine their leaders and how they are able to govern. (Charles Hauss 41) Organized government is essential to avoid chaos and anarchy. Without authority and rule, free will and malicious intent without known repercussions can often negatively influence decision making and actions taken by the people to gain power over land, people, money, and any other materialistic or idolized subject. These judicial systems identify the form of rule and governing that the people are expected to follow in order to remain compliant with their nation’s laws. Democratic governments today allow power to remain in the hands of the people. Conversely, a more authoritarian form of government limits and restricts the direct participation by the people. Hauss says, however different the two systems are both have definitive and specific ways of putting their democratic theories into practice, while leading to noticeably different policy outcomes. (41)
Democracy according to Hauss can be defined by five basic criteria: rights, competitive elections, rule of law, capitalism and affluence, civil society and civic culture. Rights have many different definitions when comparing personal and political rights. Competitive elections must be “regular, free, and fair.” Rule of law relies on civil liberties where personal and subjective use of power is restricted and fair rule must be exercised. Capitalism and affluence forces t...

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...t always rely on their support. If no majority is elected, the first who came into the party is requested by the monarch to form a government. The prime minister will then select all remaining government officials, all of whom must be within the majority party. This is quite different than the elections of any Unites States President, who had to win their nominations based on personal beliefs and promises for change and improvement. (95) Of the two systems we know today, the United States of America practices the truest form of democracy. Through their presidential system, the people are able to elect their leader and participate in deciding what laws will be passed. Conversely, with Great Britain who practices a parliamentary system, there is still a form of one general leader who is able to decide any changes or rule above anyone else without voting by the people.

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