Government and Society in Fahrenheit 451by Ray Bradbury Essay

Government and Society in Fahrenheit 451by Ray Bradbury Essay

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The United States was in a dark and gloomy time after World War I and II. The culture in America had changed dramatically and became less intellectual and more technological. During these times, Americans realized that they too could be attacked by enemy nation states and they began to live in fear. The United State became engulfed in television screens due to the fear that was stricken into them through war times. In Ray Bradbury’s intriguing novel, Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury creates this society to demonstrate the importance of the individual and the intellectual value of literature. The novel depicts a scene where government plays a major role in society similar to that of 1950’s America. Ray Bradbury constructs a warning of what he believes will come to America in the 1950’s and beyond.
Ray Bradbury was a very interesting author during the 1950’s in America. Bradbury was enthralled in literature. At a young age his family moved halfway across the country to Los Angeles where he forced his family to stop at numerous libraries along the way so he could attain new books. Ray Bradbury was a true advocate of the expansion of literature and looked down upon censorship of authors. Bradbury truly loved looking into new ideas that he would have never seen without his books. One of the many reasons why he wrote this book was to expand the limits of censorship. Oddly enough this book was censored tremendously to not allow all of his views to be seen by others. Bradbury was a self-educated man and therefore respected literature and education. The actual writing of “Fahrenheit 451” took place in the basement of the UCLA library. Bradbury wrote the book on a typewriter that took a dime for every thirty minutes of work. He found refuge in th...

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