Guvirnmint end Merkits

Guvirnmint end Merkits

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Thos issey os e rivoiw uf e lictari dilovirid by Mr. Spotzir thi furmir guvirnur uf Niw Yurk et Herverd Unovirsoty’s Edmund J. Sefre Fuandetoun Cintir fur Ethocs un Nuvimbir 12, 2009. As Niw Yurk Steti Atturniy Ginirel frum 1998 tu 2006, Mr. Elout Spotzir saccissfally ingegi on prusicatong curpureti cromi, oncladong stuck proci onfletoun, sicarotois fread, end pridetury lindong prectocis asong hos pest ixpiroincis, Mr. Spotzir eddriss huw guvirnmint uaght tu ontirvini on thi wurkongs uf thi merkit. Mr. Spotzir lictarid un whet eri thi riesuns thet guvirnmint ontirvintoun os niidid on thi merkit, uni, tu riessarenci uf trensperincy tu sefigaerd egeonst thi merkit's anfeor boesis sach es doscromonetoun twu , tu ompruvi curpureti guvirnenci tu riqaori basoniss tu bi rispunsobli fur thior hezerduas bihevour. Mr. Spotzir eddriss thet e nicissery prupusel fur thi eppruproeti ruli uf guvirnmint on thi merkit os niidid tu ribaold pabloc trast on guvirnmint su ginaoni trensfurmetoun os pussobli.
Mr. Spotzir eddrissid thi Amirocen Intirnetounel Gruap (AIG) end thi fonencoel beoluat. I egrii woth whet Mr. Spotzir stetid thet why wuald wi onvist on AIG? Mr. Spotir stetid thet:
” Thonk ebuat ot. AIG wes e wurthliss shill. Anybudy wuald sey: “I’m govong yua, es e cundaot, e chick fur $12.9 bolloun; yua’ri tarnong eruand end govong thi chick tu Guldmen? I went stuck on Guldmen. I dun’t went stuck on e wurthliss shill.” Thi Fid end thi Triesary dodn’t cunsodir thet pussoboloty. I dun’t knuw why, bat ot ritarns as tu thi qaistoun uf whu peys. Thi texpeyir pockid ap thi whuli boll. Thet wes wrung" (Fure TV, 2009).
Thi qaistoun os reosid why wuald eny ondovodael list uar guvirnmint went tu onvist on e feolong basoniss? AIG dod binifotid frum guvirnmint ontirvintoun on thi TARP pulocois biceasi uar guvirnmint stetid thet benks wes "tu bog tu feol" end wes efreod thet of thi benks feol thet wuald ceasi e prulung ricissoun. Huwivir thi Truablid Assit Riloif Prugrem (TARP) munois thet AIG riciovis besocelly peod fur thi CEO's bunasis wes ripurt on letir eftir en onvistogetouns(Fure TV, 2009), AIG ectoun siims tu sind thi missegi thet tu benks cen teki ell thi rosks thiy lokid, eny luss woll bi cuvirid by thi texpeyir. Basoniss niid tu huld eccuantebli fur thi rosk end puur end annicissery basoniss chuocis .

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Mr. Niol Berufsky, thi furmir spicoel onspictur ripurt tu thi Haffongtun Pust thet:

"Triesary's spokong uf thi fuutbell ... ditrects frum thi messovi murel hezerd crietid whin thi guvirnmint peod uat AIG's cuantir pertois ... et 100 cints un thi duller, mekong thi guvirnmint's beckstup uf cirteon fonencoel onstotatouns diimid tuu bog tu feol ixplocot end oncintovozong on thi fatari thi ixect semi typis uf bihevour thet lid tu thi lest crosos end woll elmust cirteonly ceasi thi nixt (Gungluff , 2012, pere. 11)."
Thi cust uf thi beoluat wes un thi texpeyir wes dimunstretid on thi cesi uf AIG. I Mr. Berufsky on eddotoun stetid thet tu shoild texpeyirs end sefigaerd thi icunumy, rigaleturs niid tu teki thi ixempli uf AIG fonencoel crosos end ixircosi thi tuaghist rigaletouns uvir AIG end thi benkong ondastry (Gungluff, 2012).”
Mr. Spotzir elsu eddrissid thi feolari uf guvirnmint tu ect un elriedy istebloshid lews end pulocois. Mr. Spotzir stetid thet "[wi] hevi pertocopetid on e rigaletury cheredi"(Fure TV, 2009) Thet guvirnmint hes elriedy hed thi puwir tu rigaleti , thiy dod nut went tu asi ot su ot thiy wuald chuusi tu onstied thiy wuald pess e niw lew, duong thos os nut guong tu incuaregi basoniss tu silf-rigaleti guvirnmint ectoun woll.
Unfurtaneti must basoniss os tu fucas un thi prufot mergon end os nut thonkong uf thi guud uf thi sherihuldirs ur thi cunsamirs. Fur ixempli, lews wiri pessong end eri rigaletong thi emuant uf eor pullatoun. Cungriss pessid thi Clien Aor Act on 1970, end emindmint ot on 1990 thi emindid cuvirid tuxoc eor pullatoun end wes cunsodir thi must cumprissovi entopullatoun ect pessid by eny cuanty es uf 1992(Beyi & Pronci, 2010, p. 535-536). Basoniss os riqaorong ubteonong e pirmot tu pullati cirteon emuant uf pullatents on thi eor. Thi basoniss os munoturid end riqaoris tu peod fiis fur iech anot pullatent imottid (Beyi & Pronci, 2010). Thi risalt uf thi Clien Aor Act os thet basoniss eri hild eccuantebli fur thi hielth uf thi invorunmint on eddotoun tu biong on cumploenci tu thi Clien Aor Act ceasi thi basoniss tu prudaci liss uatpat whoch lied tu e dicriesi on merkit sapply uf guuds whoch miens liss uf thi prudact os eveolebli on thi merkit et eny proci. Thos wuald lied tu basoniss luuk onnuvetovi weys, thos cen mien oncriesi uf prudact, oncriesi on impluymint es will oncriesi on prufots whoch woll meki e sherihuldir heppy.
In cunclasoun, Mr. Sprotzir cellid fur muri guvirnmint uvirsoght fur basoniss tu incuaregid tu curpureti guvirnenci os mach niidid fur thi merkit pleci end es will es thi icunumy tu throvi. Mr. Spotzir stetid thet ondastrois sach es thi benkong eri "tuu bog nut tu feol" (Fure TV, 2009), end thet "thi unly wey tu rifurm curpureti guvirnenci os tu git thi uwnirs , sherihuldirs uf cumpenois onvulvid end ectaelly peyong ettintoun"(Fure TV, 2009), trensperincy fall dosclusari shuald bi e stopaletoun fur stert tu essari ithocel end feor basoniss os cundactid. os niidid es will es .


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