Gothic Art And Its Impact On Gothic Architecture Essay examples

Gothic Art And Its Impact On Gothic Architecture Essay examples

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Gothic art evolved from Romanesque art and lasted from the mid-12th century AD to the end of the 16th century. It was a particular style of Medieval art and was led by the concurrent development of Gothic architecture, established by the Basilica of St Denis. Through the influence of historical design methods, such as Islamic/Romanesque architecture and the impact the spread of Christianity had on Europe, Abbot Suger was able to develop a new style of architecture through his reconstruction of St Denis. This led to the development of taller buildings with thinner walls and bigger rooms on the inside.

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The influence of Romanesque architecture towards Gothic is very prevalent when studying the two side-by-side. For example, Romanesque cathedrals had the same spacial atmosphere as Gothic cathedrals but differences in structural design gave them each a distinct look. Romanesque cathedrals were low and wide, whereas Gothic cathedrals were strikingly tall. This is because of the way the arches supported the weight of the roof. A traditional roman arch had to be placed on quite heavy walls. This is because of the way the weight was distributed across the arch, in that it pushed the force outward, thus the buildings were restricted in their height. Whereas the pointed arch of the Gothic cathedrals took the weight and pushed it straight down, parallel with gravity. This lowered the force experienced by the pillars holding up the arch because it reduced its torque. [By This Time It Had Become Fashionable to. "Gothic Art And Architecture." Gothic Art And Architecture. Accessed September 01, 2016.]
Romanesque cathedrals also had separate areas or rooms, whereas Got...

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..., is the implementation and utilization of the rose window. It depicts the final judgement of man and is part of the Gothic tradition in which biblical and historical stories were portrayed in stained glass and sculpture. At a time when most of the population was illiterate, these embellishments made biblical scripture available to everyone. [Pevsner, Nikolaus. 1963. An Outline of European Architecture. Harmondsworth, Middlesex: Penguin Books.]
The utilisation of gargoyles in Gothic architecture was for two reasons. On a practical level, they were spouts that moved drain water off the roof. On a spiritual level, they scared people into going to church. Finally, the height of Gothic cathedrals was meant to symbolise reaching up to the heavens and strengthening the inhabitants relationships with God. [Swaan, Wim. 1969. The Gothic Cathedral. Garden City, NY: Doubleday.]

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