Essay Gospels Are The Utmost Importance Account Of The Life Of Christ

Essay Gospels Are The Utmost Importance Account Of The Life Of Christ

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These Gospels are the utmost importance account of the life of Christ. The literary information was given by three distinctive accounts from the apostle Matthew, Mark and Luke. Each one of these men had a special attachment to Jesus, some more than the other. One of them a doctor, a fisherman and a tax collector, each gives their views and accounts of Jesus 's lives in different segments.
Matthew, a Levi and he were a tax collector by profession before he was called to be one of Jesus’s Apostles. He was one of the first twelve apostles, and Matthew was versatile in the several languages, including Greek. You can bet while Jesus was teaching Matthew was taking notes, when you read the book of Matthew, it often stressed that Jesus Christ is the Messiah, and he came to fulfill the Old Testament.
Mark was much younger than Matthew and Luke. He was probably a teenager when the Jesus was in Jerusalem, and he may have seen and listens to him. However, Mark was also known as John Mark and he was of Roman descent, but he was definitely a follower of Christ. He was known a missionary who travels with Paul the apostle. Mark was also known to be Peter’s interpreter when he accompanied him to Rome. He wrote down Peter 's memories and observation, Mark 's account reflected Peter’s interest in spreading the gospel among the Gentiles.

Luke a gentile, and a doctor by profession, he was also a devoted Christian and a loyal friend to the apostle Paul. He was not one of the eyewitnesses of Jesus’ ministries and miraculous events. Luke was educated in Greek culture and that is good leverage to get an investigative account of Jesus life in its originality. Luke profession as a doctor had given him the leverage for details in its extr...

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...need to rest periodically. Jesus and his disciples need the rest and a break from the multitudes of people who followed them like a flock of sheep. Jesus and his disciples were unsuccessful in doing so, because the crowed saw the boat and they run to the shore line of Bethsaida Galilee Lake.

The context of the three Gospels places the feeding of the five thousand in the same place with unlike emphasis. Matt14: 13. “When Jesus heard it, he departed for there” the setting place an event that was very significant. Mark 6:31 “And he said to them come aside by yourself” this was also significant in the context. Luke 9:10 “When the apostles returned, the reported to Jesus what they had done” in Luke, he appeared to take the difference between Matthew and Mark, he amplifies the situation. Luke’s account has given the evidence to joining the three accounts together.

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