Essay about Gospel Rap And Civility : Chance The Rapper Edition

Essay about Gospel Rap And Civility : Chance The Rapper Edition

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Gospel Rap and Civility: Chance the Rapper edition.
People from many generations may think that today’s music shows virtually nothing. This generations rap music mainly circles around how much money you receive from rapping, how much women you receive from rapping, and how much drugs you receive from rapping. There is rare few times where rap artist come out of this circle, to talk about real life experiences, issues within the world, and how this affects certain diversities. Baruti N. Kopano, an assistant professor of Mass Communications at Delaware State University, does a study on the rhetorical legacy of rap music. He starts off in this article how rap music to him is a legacy with rich history, “For rappers, ‘keepin it real’ means being true to the rich legacy of rap. For me, ‘keepin it real’ means being true to the rich legacy from which rap emanates” (Kopano, 2002). To me, rap does have a rich legacy, dating back from around the 1970’s. However, in these years, the legacy is close to ruin. These new “rappers” do not show the legacy that rap had offered back in those times. However, one rapper has shown to still carry this legacy, with most of his work showing great civility within them lyrically. Chance the Rapper, an underrated, Chicago native rapper, has shown he can carry on this legacy, with adding on a unique presence, adding a gospel theme to his rap songs. These songs have shown great civility within them, and this paper will show how this new style of rap shows civility.
If this is the first time you have heard of him, Chancellor Bennett, professionally known as Chance the Rapper is an artist coming from Chicago Illinois. He started gaining recognition after he dropped his second mixtape, Acid Rap. This became univ...

... middle of paper ...

... forfeited, I’m a force to be reconciled. They want four minute songs, you need a four-hour praise dance performed every norm.” (Chance, 2016). In these lines, Chance wants to right his wrongs. One of the few ways he’s done it is by writing songs more gospel-focused, other than his past songs from his past mixtapes. Since then, Chance has come out with songs such as: How Great, Sunday Candy, a song from his album, Surf, Angels, and Somewhere in Paradise, a song Chance written at around 2015. Making multiple songs shows that Chance believes that one song is not enough to praise God. The line “I never forged it or forfeited” means that Chance has never quit stopping what he does. You can see how far he has come in life, with the help of his fans, family, and God. This shows more civility towards the people he loves, giving them thanks for bringing him this far in life.

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