The Gospel Of Mark, Luke, And John Essay

The Gospel Of Mark, Luke, And John Essay

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There are four Gospels in the new testament; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Each one writing his perspective story about Jesus, his teachings, his works, his sacrifice, and his resurrection. At the same time, they each seem to elaborate on specific elements of Jesus. The gospel of Matthew writes about the bloodline, the ancestors of Jesus. The gospel of Mark, writes about Jesus as a servant to God. The gospel of Luke, writes about Jesus being the son of a human. The gospel of John, writes about Jesus being the son of God. Having an understanding on the focus of each gospel will help the reader know Jesus and his works better. However, this essay will concentrate on “The Gospel According to Mark,” written in Bruce Manning Metzger, translator of, The New Oxford Annotated Bible, Revised Standard Version with The Apocrypha (p. 1791). The gospel of Mark is documentation of events that took place after the baptism of Jesus. The focal points of this paper are the setting in which the events took place, how Jesus is viewed by others, who Jesus interacts with, and the conflicts and resolutions that took place.
First, the historical settings that took place in the gospel of Mark. Some of the area 's Jesus did his teachings, ministry, and healings took place in the middle east. Some of the places he traveled were Judea, Samaria, Galilee, Syrian-Phoenicia, Iturea, Trachonitis, The Decapolis, Perea and Jerusalem, (Mark 1-16, (pp. 1792-1825)). In short, he traveled through the lands of Galilee and the surrounding areas.
Next, how was Jesus portrayed by the people around him. To be able to understand how others viewed Jesus, one would have to first recognize how he is seen through the eyes of the writer. The writer in this case would be Mark. Th...

... middle of paper ... in fact-finding. In historical research there is often sources that are provided for the audience. The gospels do not provide this source. However, the gospels are written by four different individuals which allows the reader to see the story through four different views.
In conclusion, each of the gospels tell us about the teachings and mission of Jesus. What separates them is their style and how each stress events that seem most important to them personally. On a personal note, I chose to write about the works on the gospel of Mark because the other gospels had details of events that made it difficult for me to write a paper about. For me, learning about Jesus and his crucifixion and writing about it are on two different levels. I was able to write on the gospel of Mark without emotionally breaking down. As for the others, I simply could not keep myself composed.

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