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Gospel of John

This essay will show contrasts in views on the Gospel of John regarding authorship,dates, and the relationship between John's Gospel and the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and Luke. Some comparison of thought, concerning composition and life setting, will also be presented.

The majority of the information that we have today, describing the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ, is contained in the four Gospels.
The Gospels of Mathew, Mark and Luke, are called the Synoptic Gospels.
The Gospel of John differs in many key areas to the Synoptics,and I will address some differing lines of thought.
The two primary texts I will be using for comparison will be taken from;
1. " An introduction to the New Testament" pages 362—379 titled "The Gospel according to John" by Raymond .E. Brown.
2. "John, Baker Exegetical Commentary on the New Testament" pages 1—18 titled "Introduction to the Gospel of John" by Andreas. J. Kostenberger.

Raymond E.Brown contends that John may not have been responsible for all, or parts of the Gospel of John that are available to us today.
He begins by stating that in the last two centuries the "majority of scholars shifted towards the position that John was not authored by an eyewitness"
He also wrote "Accordingly the present Gospel is thought to involve the work of two hands, an evangelist who composed the body of the Gospel,and a redactor who later made additions."
Brown goes on to make a number of statements, some his own thoughts, and some quoting other scholars, which give more indications of his own personal opinion and approach to the matter of authorship.
For example, "...a typ...

... middle of paper ...

...ld not be exaggerated."

I find it difficult to decide in some of these matters which way I "lean" as the matters concerned are complex and often clouded by the mists of nearly two millenia. I take some comfort in Kostenbergers attitude " .......without undue dogmatism on all sides."
Also with Brown I am inclined to agree, in the absence of irrefutable proof, that it is wise to take a median position.


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