The Gospel Of Gospel Essentials Essay

The Gospel Of Gospel Essentials Essay

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Gospel Essentials
Some 2000 years ago an eclectic nomadic group of Jews seemingly wandered the lands the Ancient Jewish King David once ruled. They were lead by a carpenter’s son, Jesus ben Joseph, of Nazareth. Jesus was charismatic and unlike any the people of that time had encountered. This man espoused teaching, declared wisdom and performed miracles that exceeded imaginations. He and his followers had no organizational base or support but lived from the provisions of God and charities of their followers (Luke 9:58). One day, Jesus asked his immediate followers, his disciples, “Who do people say the Son of Man [Jesus] is” (Matthew 16:13, English Standard Version)? After a variety of responses, he made the question personal and inquired of their thoughts, concerning his identity (Matthew 16:16). That question, “who is Jesus, to me?” echoes through the ages and challenges individuals both great and humbled. Today that question is an expanded, in this essay, to address; the origins of creation, the creator [God], humanity, Jesus and any attendant relationship between these participants and lastly my analysis and beliefs of these premises.
God [the Creator]
According to the Christian Worldview as presented, the origin of all that is seen and unseen is God (Colossians 1:16). As presented in lecture, God is the beginning of all things and its creator (Genesis 1). In the Christian Worldview (Understanding Worldview, 2015) “God is…eternal, infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, immutable and incomprehensible” (Origins, 2015). He is God in 3 persons, the Trinity; Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Origins, 2015). Consequently, when viewed from this position he is worthy of all worship and honor (Revelations 4:11). He is the central...

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... the central theme that ties me to him is that he loves me and keeps me and even at my worst he still loved me enough to send his Son to die for my sins (Romans 5:8).
In the Christian world the center is God who created everything with his utilmate creation be humanity made in his image (Genesis 1:26). He designed mankind for relationship and dominion over the earth (Origins, 2015 & Human Nature, 2015). Mankind fell and turned away from God seeking a chance at equity with his creator (Departure from Wisdom, 2015). However, God had a plan to restore and redeem mankind by offering the perfect sacrifice; his one and only Son (Rescue, Redemption & Renewal, 2015). And finally how Jesus was the perfect spotless lamb that provides the only access to restored relationship with our Heavenly Father. For this design and commitment I will be eternally grateful.

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