Essay about The Gordon 's Health Functional Pattern

Essay about The Gordon 's Health Functional Pattern

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The Gordon’s health functional pattern are used for assessment and to collect data of the family health status, in other to help the nurse determine and diagnose actual and potential nursing diagnosis, intervene faster and assist in moving the outcome towards promoting health and well-being. (Edelman, Kudzma, and Mandle. Chp 7 Pg 150 (2010). The purpose of this paper is to write on a selected family that has received a family health assessment, using a family focused approach. The selected family is the Yarborough’s, who belong to the Caucasian ethnic group and has been married for 18 years. The father is 45 years, the mother is 41 years, and the two children are 17 years old girl and 15 years old boy. The father works as a physical therapist in a healthcare rehabilitation center, and the mother works as a social worker in a psychiatric hospital.
Values and Health Perception
The Yarborough’s belief and values everything written in the bible. On the health perception, they general feel their current health status is healthy. No member of the family smokes, drink alcohols or do drugs. They go for yearly medical checkup and they are up to date with their immunization. The Yarbrough’s disclosed that their eating habit is unhealthy. Mrs. Yarborough is diagnosed with borderline diabetes. Mr. Yarborough is of good health though he is occasionally constipated. The 17 year old daughter is obese. She goes to the gym with her mother three times a week to exercise and still working on eating healthy. The 15 year has no health issues.
The family use to eats out at least five times a week, they love to go to fast food restaurant where they eat more of junk food like hamburger, French fries, fried chickens and soda drinks. The moth...

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...from this family, three wellness diagnoses are developed. (1). Readiness for Enhanced Self-Perception. (2). Readiness for Enhanced Nutritional Metabolic Pattern. (3). Readiness for Enhanced Bowel Elimination Pattern. The Yarborough’s where open to the discussion and show wiliness to learn new things about themselves and health. The family talked about Ms. Yarborough being borderline diabetic and their 17 years old daughter being overweight, and how they are willing to exercise and ate healthy. It gives the opportunity to educate them more on diabetes, encourage exercising and eating healthy. Mr. Yarborough talked about being constipated. Which give the opportunity to discuss about remain active, drinking fluid, eating vegetable and fibers.
This assessment pattern helped in getting a holistic assessment of the family which will help in taking good care of the family.

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