Essay on Gordon Allport : A Twentieth Century Man Of Science

Essay on Gordon Allport : A Twentieth Century Man Of Science

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Gordon Allport was a twentieth century man of science who studied motivation and personality. Born in Indiana in 1897, Gordon Allport was one among four kids. His family resided in Cleveland, Ohio, once Allport was six years previous, and he was raised within the same home out of that his father practiced medication. The adequate hospital facilities in Cleveland needed that Allport’s father permit doctors, nurses, and patients to reside within the home with the family. Throughout his childhood, Allport and his siblings were immersed within the medical community and sometimes acted as clinical assistants to their father. Allport later acknowledged that this expertise became Associate in nursing integral a part of his early education.
Allport’s mother was an instructor, and she instilled in all of her kids the importance of education and powerful work ethics. Allport was a physiologically fickle kid and was typically ridiculed for his physical deficiency of being born with eight toes. Throughout Allport’s high school years, he operated a company and held the position of editor for his high school paper. He graduated from Glenville high school and obtained a full scholarship to Harvard, succeeding in his brother’s footsteps. Allport deviated from his brother’s quest of scientific discipline, earning a degree in political economy and philosophy instead; whereas at Harvard, Allport unveiled his social interests by volunteering in numerous capacities, as an officer, aiding foreign students, serving to war veterans, and volunteering at the Beantown boy’s club. As Allport continued his education at Harvard, he eventually turned to scientific discipline and went on to earn his PhD.
After his graduation from the University, he spent a s...

... middle of paper ...

...hey were. (Schultz, 2009, p. 259)
He simply tried to make sense of the chain of events that occurred during his childhood, in turn concealing his childhood with exceedingly prosperous events from his adulthood. I believe his goal was to convince himself and the world that he lived a superior quality life for all of his life. Though he had the intention of detaching his past from his present, it was his inferior based past that motivated him to mold a spotless present. Allport’s theory would never be considered applicable to African centered psychology. We as African centered mental health professionals believe and practice the Sankofa tradition; our past is the force, drive and motivation for the pathway of our future. Granted, many criticisms have been made regarding Allport’s theory and concepts, he is still viewed as a world renowned psychological humanist!

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