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Google's Knowledge Management Essay

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With today’s rate of development in technology, there has also been an immense increase in global information sharing. Innovations in technology and design seem to be emerging in the market almost every month. One of the key aspects of any business is to gather, organize and efficiently apply this information. According to Antonic (2005), economic assets are fast becoming of secondary importance in the market as companies ascribe more importance to intellectual capital. With the right application of Knowledge Management methods, companies can achieve a competitive advantage through managing the immense amount of information available (Balanced Scorecard Institute, 2002).
Google Inc. is a company that started in 2002 and has gradually grown to become an international technology company. Google’s business is mainly focused around vital areas, like advertising, search, operating platforms and systems and platforms, hardware products and enterprise. The company produces its revenue mainly by distributing online advertising. Google also produces revenues from Motorola through selling products. The company offers its services and products in over 100 languages and in over 50 regions, territories and countries. The company assimilates various features in its search service and gives dedicated search services to aid users modify their search. Google also gives product-listing advertisements, which comprise of product information, like price, merchant information and product image without needing ad text or extra keywords.
In January 2012, Google launched Search plus Your World and later introduced other products like Google’s Knowledge Graph and Google Now. Google Now is a feature on their search engine, which gets the corr...

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...bjectives and realize growth. Knowledge Management Knowledge management plays a key role in ensuring that the different functions and activities of a company are synchronized. In Google’s case, the purchase of Motorola (which has turned out not to have been the best business decision) probably could have been avoided if the knowledge within the company was managed and used better. Knowledge enables a company to create, recognize and distribute opportunities. When every employee of a company contributes his or her part of knowledge into the knowledge pool, it is very beneficial as it contributes to the overall success of the company. Proper application of the available knowledge in a company can offer several competitive benefits to both the company and the employees. Application of accurate knowledge at the correct situation helps a company to make good decisions.

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