Google's External and Internal Analysis Essay examples

Google's External and Internal Analysis Essay examples

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Google’s internal structure stability can be influenced by external factors. To ensure the right decisions made, they must complete external and internal analysis. Google’s must contend with external environment influences, which are political, economical, and a technological. Day after day must be able to understand how the external environment influences can provide advantages to obtaining opportunities but on the downside expose the threats that Google has to overcome to be successful. For Google to maximize the market opportunities, Google must recognize its internal value, rarity, and organization. To exploit the company’s strength and weakness, Google must comprise an SWOT analysis. When Google accomplishes the SWOT analysis, they will understand the company’s strengths and weaknesses. It will also demonstrate the environmental opportunities and the threats that are facing in this competitive market. Once this analysis completed, Google can plan strategic plan to utilize their strengths, improve upon their weaknesses, maximize their opportunities, and eliminate threats that can endanger their growth as a company.

Google External Environment

Political, economic, and technological are three factors of the external environment that Google must identify with doing an external analysis. Political factor can profit Googles growth through different markets. Chinese’s and US government placed an obstacle for any growth that Google had in these markets. According to Google 2009, “They viewed Google as a monopoly and request authority to monitor its activities. The pressure of the government provides additional problems with copyright and privacy issues. As the technology expands, it offers more problems for Google. “New...

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