Google 's Top Hit For The Words Stick And Poke Tattoo Essay

Google 's Top Hit For The Words Stick And Poke Tattoo Essay

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Google 's top hit for the words “stick and poke tattoo” is the website instructables and an article (instructicle?) called “DIY Tattoos (stick’ n’ poke)“ by frenzy, in their intro they write “this instructable will cover the art of "Stick 'n ' poke" tattoos that will enable you to safely add your own dermal embellishments.” Two things first, frenzy missed a perfect opportunity to use the word instructicle and second frenzy uses the words art and embellishments; hell DIY is right in the name of the post. Now I don’t think there 's any question that hand poked tattoos are part of the DIY eco system. However I do think that the stick and poke tattoo has become an oddly acceptable type of tattoo, despite itself and, because of the popularity of the DIY ideology.

The DIY ideology is everywhere, the website instructables is a DIY sight, Make magazine 's youtube channel has 1,166,388 subscribers with videos made for them by other popular youtube makers like Jimmy diresta, who has 520,852 subscribers of his own. And at its inception I think YouTube was itself a DIY driven platform. The Tao of DIY is so ingrained in our current wave of popular culture that it 's seen as a viable option for self employment, people make a living (or part of a living) off of their YouTube channels, or etsy shops and, that 's normal. Farmers markets are chic and safe/ clean spaces, but it wasn 't that long ago that farmers markets and craft fairs were still sort of fringe (not flea market fringe but like buckskin fringe). But if safe color pallets and capitalism have defanged DIY why haven 't we exhausted it yet? Well, the Do It Yourself ethos runs deep in our counter cultures and our subcultures, and I mean still waters deep.

No one likes to talk abou...

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...ral practises within modern subcultures, release you own record and get your friend to tattoo you so people know you 're not mainstream. I think that DIY has become ubiquitous with within consumerism (pre fab or DIY bookshelves), once we have had enough of the rustic DIY look we want the upcycled look, tattoos are high art, stick-n-pokes are outsider art, and outsider art is all the rage.

I don’t know how to tie this idea into this paper in a clever way so I’m just going to tack it on the end here. It occurred to me that craft fairs, flea markets and probably farmers markets were some of the only places for people who lived on the fringes of society to make some sort of living. And I don’t think that today 's crafter, farmer or salvager markets provide that space for those groups anymore. That seems to me the biggest failings of this craft renaissance we are in.

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